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Gcode Calculators - Free CNC Calculators

Speed up minor G-Code edits with these free web-based CNC calculators. This page includes a J Command Generator, Part Offset Calculator, and CNC Toolpath Simulator.

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Bore J Command

Generate precise CNC J commands in gcode by specifying your bore specifications with our Bore J Command tool. This tool calculates parameters such as bore diameter, tool width, feed rate, and speed, ensuring accurate machining operations.
Bore (ID) Tool Width (mm)
X Coor Y Coor
Depth of Cut
(each pass)
Bore Depth
Feed Speed

Cut Length

This tool calculates the length of a cut given one part dimension and tool width.
Cut Length (in)
Cut Length (mm)
Tool Width (mm)

Part Offset Calculator

Sreamline part duplication. This tool can apply precise X and Y-axis offsets to a part in g-code, creating larger gcode files with rows and columns of the same part for mass-production. Paste your Gcode into the interface and set your desired offsets to replicate additional parts.
Gcode Original Gcode Result
X Rows Y Rows
X Offset Y Offset

CNC Toolpath Simulator

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The toolpath simulator renders a 3D representation of G-code. Swipe and drap to preview complex toolpaths and ensure confidence before starting a CNC operation. Preview a virtual overhead view to ensure perfect part alignment.
Initialize Simulator