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dynamic time

A simple calendar-based timecard and timesheet solution. Record hours & notes on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly schedules, including automatic overtime calculations. Dynamic Time is mobile compatible and timesheet integrates seamlessly with existing WordPress users. 


Automatic overtime calculations, configurable by user, even across pay periods

Multiple punches per day, including notes

Fully configurable pay periods

Approval process between user, supervisor and payroll

Automatic integration with existing WordPress users

Reporting tools with PRO

Automatic Entry with PRO

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woocommerce auto coupons

Apply WooCommerce Coupons automatically with a simple, fast and lightweight plugin.


 Apply coupons when native WooCommerce coupon conditions are met

Apply coupons when minimum product quantities are reached

Apply coupons when a URL is visited

Troubleshoot coupons easily by adding /?troubleshoot to the cart page URL

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admin toolbox

Take control with Admin Toolbox: Capture visit statistics, Two factor authentication (2FA), visual editor controls, wpautop, revisions, heartbeat, notifications, and enforce password reset best practices.


Two-factor authentication (2FA) by email (optional SMS with PRO)

Capture Site Visits and Chart traffic performance

Limit maximum image size uploaded through the media library

Force password reset by emailed link only. Limit direct edits to passwords

Select roles to hide in the user editor. Limit roles that have access to other roles

Geo-location blocking with PRO

SQL Query Interface with PRO

Zip Code Radius API with PRO

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woocommerce Quantity buttons

Add plus and minus quantity buttons to WooCommerce Cart and Products with a simple, fast and lightweight plugin.


 Responsive design for mobile

Generic aesthetic that integrates with your storefront design

 Zero setup or configuration, just install and activate the plugin

No impact to WooCommerce templates